Domaine Laurent Dufouleur

The soil and its history

We spotlight the so rich soil of the Côte Chalonnaise thanks to a plot by plot vinification.
Then, every vintage expresses its singularity during the tasting.

Our domain represents :

17 hectares, including 5 premiers crus : 4 Mercurey 1er cru climates and 1 Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er cru
3 cultivated grape varieties : Pinot noir (red), chardonnay and aligoté (white)

A team to take care and respect the grapevine

Every day, thanks to a careful work throughout seasons, our team takes care of our grapevines because a good wine always comes from good grapes.

The Domaine Laurent Dufouleur 



Wine artisan, the ‘’Domaine Laurent Dufouleur’’ associates modernity and know-how to offer quality wines vintage by vintage.

Because we pay such a particular importance to nature and its protection, we have initiated a sustainable viticulture scheme, recognized by the awarding of the HVE  label (High Environmental Value level 3)

HVE <span><span><span><span><span>Domaine & Vigneron, Mercurey Bourgogne</span></span></span></span></span>


We also care about the packaging of our wines, using cartons made of 99.9 % of recycled paper. We favor group orders, which decrease our wines’ costs of transport, so as to reduce our carbon impact on the planet.

The Tramier Collection

The Tramier Collection takes over under one and only banner projects created and developed by two Burgundian families related to each other for many decades : Tramier and Dufouleur.

Thanks to them, three strong entities were born and gradually claimed to be a must in their business :

Tramier Collection takes advantage of Laurent Dufouleur’s vision, his President, who has known how to continue a familial tradition to which he brings freshness and innovation. He is accompanied by Bérengère, his wife, enthusiastic collaborators as well as a group of partners working across the globe.

Concerned with understandinghis customers and their needs, as well as remaining attentive to communication, Laurent Dufouleur never stops to consider Tramier Collection as part of a quest for the best quality, in order to affirm an essential identity for his brand, built on unchanging foundations of expertise, and definitely in harmony with the present era.